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APLCC Meeting -- Thursday April 26

The APL Camera Club will meet on Thursday April 26 in the Lebovic Room of the Aurora Public Library.  The following are on the agenda:


Robert Brown, a local photographer from Kettleby, will be talking about his photographic art and the workflow that enables him to create his beautiful images.  If you'd like to preview some of his work you can do so at his website.  Robert will be talking about his images for about 45-50 minutes and then the floor will be open to any questions that you might have.  I'm sure that Robert's presentation will be inspiring and will probably provoke lots of questions.


Depending on the length of Robert Brown's presentation the review of some of the Monthly Challenge photographs might need to extend to next month.  Thank you to all who have submitted one or more images to the Monthly Challenge Gallery.  I'm truly inspired by the work that you people are creating!  If anyone has not yet submitted an image there is still time to put something up.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all again.



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First APLCC Outing News -- Sheppard's Bush


Thank you to everyone who participated in the first APLCC outing.  The weather held up reasonably well.  The hazy and cloudy conditions actually benefited the picture-taking activity by creating a soft light box-type effect.  Everyone seemed to be having fun and taking lots of photos.  The walkabouts are definitely going to become a regular part of the APL Camera Club.


To facilitate sharing the photos taken during outings I have created a new type of photo gallery specifically for this purpose.  It is called the "Activities Gallery" and can be found under the Photo Galleries drop down menu.  In essence, this gallery works exactly the same way as the regular users' galleries except for the fact that it should only be used to post images taken during outings.  I have set up the gallery such that you can create two galleries per month in this category and post as many images as you wish in each of your two galleries. 

To create a new gallery you must login with your username and password  and click on  "Add Content".  This will take you to a page with the option to create an APL Camera Club Activities Gallery. 

Please email me at reelstories@rogers.com with any questions.




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April 14 Walkabout


This message is specific to the people who have registered for the April 14 walkabout.  As it turns out there is a chance of rain on Saturday morning so I just wanted to make contingency plans in case the weather is such that it is not possible for us to do the walkabout.

At this point in time it looks as though it won't start raining until later in the afternoon or late evening, which means that we will probably be fine.  If, however, the weather reports are inaccurate and it is wet and rainy on Saturday morning (and by this I mean that the rain is coming down and the roads are wet) please assume that the walkabout is canceled and will be rescheduled.  If this happens I will send another email with a new date for the walkabout.

As it stands now, the walkabout is on and we will be meeting at 10:00 am at the Tim Horton's next to St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic High School.  We will arrange rides to Sheppard's Bush at Tim Horton's and if anyone needs a ride home after the outing I'm sure that it can be arranged as well.

If anyone who has not signed up would still like to come please go to the registration page at the apl  camera club website (http://aplcameraclub.webhop.org).

Looking forward to seeing you all there.


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APLCC News -- April 2012


The first ever APLCC walkabout is scheduled to take place on Saturday April 14 at 10:00am.  This first walkabout will be at Sheppard's Bush, a local Aurora conservation area. It'll give us a chance to shoot some great photos and get to know one another a bit better.

I have set up a registration page for people who are interested in being a part of this first outing.  To keep track of who's going to be there it is very important to register if you're going to join us.  There is a registration option under the Calendar menu called registration #1 as well as a registration block on the front page.  If you click on any one of these options you'll be taken to the signup sheet.  Be aware that in order to see the signup form you must be logged in.

Once signed up for the activity you will get a verification email confirming your attendance.  A day before the outing you will get another email as a reminder that the outing is coming up.

We will  rendezvous at 10:00 am at the Tim Horton's right across from the St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic High School (304 Wellington Street East).  Anyone who needs a ride please email me (reelstories@rogers.com) to let me know.  I can't guarantee that I can arrange a ride but I'll do my best to get everybody there who needs a lift.

The basic plan is to go out and shoot for about two hours and then go off for a coffee and a snack somewhere.  We can either go back to Tim Horton's or if people prefer there's also Second Cup and a few other options.

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APLCC March 29 Meeting

The next meeting of the APL Camera Club is scheduled for March 29 at 7:00pm at the Aurora Public Library Lebovic room.

The following activities are on the agenda:

  1.  Doug Underwood is going to do an introduction to macro photography.  Doug has quite a bit of experience in this area and therefore a lot to share with us.  Thanks Doug!
  2. We will be looking at and critiquing the submitted Monthly Challenge images.  Club members who have not yet submitted an image are encouraged to do so.  This month's topic is Architecture/Lines.  For members who are unsure about how to use the online photo galleries or don't know how to submit an image to the Monthly Challenge, I have created a short screencast walkthrough of the process.  You can find it here.  We will also look at and discuss the images in the Incognito Gallery
  3. There will also be a discussion on organizing & manipulating images -- A quick overview of available tools and applications.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone there.



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