First APLCC Outing News -- Sheppard's Bush

Ronen Grunberg's picture


Thank you to everyone who participated in the first APLCC outing.  The weather held up reasonably well.  The hazy and cloudy conditions actually benefited the picture-taking activity by creating a soft light box-type effect.  Everyone seemed to be having fun and taking lots of photos.  The walkabouts are definitely going to become a regular part of the APL Camera Club.


To facilitate sharing the photos taken during outings I have created a new type of photo gallery specifically for this purpose.  It is called the "Activities Gallery" and can be found under the Photo Galleries drop down menu.  In essence, this gallery works exactly the same way as the regular users' galleries except for the fact that it should only be used to post images taken during outings.  I have set up the gallery such that you can create two galleries per month in this category and post as many images as you wish in each of your two galleries. 

To create a new gallery you must login with your username and password  and click on  "Add Content".  This will take you to a page with the option to create an APL Camera Club Activities Gallery. 

Please email me at with any questions.