Kensington Market Walkabout -- July 12, 2014

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The first walkabout of the summer will be to Kensington Market.  Here's how the market is described by the Kensington Market Historical Society:

Kensington Market is a richly multicultural downtown neighbourhood in Toronto, Canada. Home to successive waves of immigration throughout the 20th century, the marketplace developed as Victorian homes were transformed into shops, first by Eastern Europeans, then by groups of immigrants from Italy, Portugal, the Caribbean, Latin America and Southeast Asia. Typically, people both lived and worked in the Market, thereby creating a vibrant street life that continues today. Its affordable rents, tolerant attitudes and Old World sensibilities have attracted both new Canadians and non-conformists – artists, start-up entrepreneurs, hippies, punks and activists. The neighbourhood is a microcosm of Toronto’s diversity and remains remarkable as a place where authenticity and change coexist.

The plan is to meet at 8:30 am at the Tim Horton's on Wellington (304 Wellington Street East), next to St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic School, in Aurora and make our way from there.

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Members wishing to participate in this walkabout must sign up by July 5th.

Looking forward to seeing you on July 12.



Saturday, July 12, 2014 - 8:45am to 5:00pm