Photography Course At The Aurora Cultural Centre

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For anybody interested the following course is being offered at the Aurora Cultural Centre.  I have done it and it is excellent.

"Creating Impact With Your Photographs With Steve Sommerville

Tuesday 6:30pm - 8:30pm from April 10th (6 weeks)

Includes 2 Saturday excursions

Ideal for the student with a working knowledge of their DSLR wishing to improve their digital photography skills. Topics will range from portraits, studio set-up, posing techniques, flash settings and more.  Plenty of positive feedback through regular examination of student photographs ; lots of opportunity for dialogue and discovery in an encouraging setting.  6 in-class sessions along with 2 Saturday excursions that depart from the centre in order to further enhance outdoor skills.  A sturdy tripod and flash are recommended.

8 sessions $180."

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Since you took the course I was wondering what your take is on the course.  

What level is it? Intermediate?

Did you feel got a lot out of it?

How was the instructor?

I see some Studio set-up, posing etc is included which is where I am weak. 

I'm interested but debating the $180 value.



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Photography Course


I thought it was very good - it is probably aimed at a beginner / intermediate level.  The format of the course was a different subject each week (portartit, self-portrait, shadows / reflections, etc.) and then you would be sent off to take some photos relevant to that topic.  Each week he would review and critique the pictures you took and gave ideas for how they could have been done differently - sometimes even sent you back to take the same picture with a different set-up. There were some good tips on composition and how to get the most out of your subjects.

One of the lessons was on studio set up.  The instructor brought in his studio lighting and we all practised taking shots of a model (who happened to be my daughter) using different lighting set ups.

I thought the instruction was good.  There were 2 intructors for a class of about 8 to 10 students.

I did it when I was just starting out with my DSLR and it really helped me - at the time I was just shooting in AUTO and he taught me how / why to shoot in manual.  It gave me a good base and helped me think about composing a photo instead of just concentrating on what the subject was.  It made me think a bit more about removing as much of the distraction as possible and making the pictures pop a bit.

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This auspicious Learning Opportunity

Hello to All

Hang On here Folks

            I am on the fence about this course as well or any other thing of this nature are We not missing the point of the meetings and the website to some degree that Ronen has encouraged us to be a part of, the point here is as proficient as the Instructor and the course ( as Rhodri Reports )  may be if We use the setup that We have here that Ronen Graciously has enabled We can all together learn exactly what will be learned at this course and without the cost which can be applied to Your supplies and equipment.

           We have only had three meetings and the numbers suggest it is a success to date there were more at this meeting than last if memory serves well and it looks as though Ronen has another hit on His hands and it is up to us to help this along on it's way and diverging from this path does not help here. If we work though ussues here it increases the knowledge base avalible on site for those that are here and yet to join.

         This one falls back to Ronen and perhaps Ronen if You could set up  a section or perhaps it could be done though the forums a Q & A section or perhaps Ronen does not need to do anything If a burning question needs an answer post it I am sure someone will have an acceptable answer for the questioner we may be Amatuers but I am sure we all can at the same result within the Aurora Public Camera Club.

       Amatuer by definion means; An amateur (French amateur "lover of", from Old French and ultimately from Latin amatorem nom. amator, "lover") is generally considered a person attached to a particular pursuit, study, or science, without pay and often without formal training. pasted from Wikipedia

        Some I included My self could give instruction on subjects that are known in the meeting or outside of the club meeting but with any instruction You have to in the end be able to implement it on Your own to show You have realy learn the method/s..

         But if anyone decides to go to this or any other knowlegde gathering adventure a little knowledge transfer would be a nice thing.

        I will however concide that Rhodri has a good point that if You are just getting into ownership of a  DSLR that this will set You up better than perhaps the Retail chain course that is commonly offered with or on top of the camera gear You have just purchased ( yes a bit of a rant but points to ponder ) and if You wanted to meet someone in the newspaper biz it's as well a great opportunity for this as well so please I am not totaly against this sort of thing just pointing out a few things adding a stop or two in this forum.

        One other point and that is other than the social networking and the people thing there is in this internet endowed age nothing that can not be learned all by Your self with alot of time investment which You have to do at anyrate as this holds true practice makes perfect.

Thanks to Rhodri for the mention of this course and starting this disscusion and to Ronen for getting all this going to start with, this We all should not lose site of.



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DSLR course

Wouldn't it be better to bring the instructor to the club so those who need the course can sign up and chip in for the cost? I know a lot of camera club do this and ask walk-in people to pay before they get in as well. Just a thought.