Expanding the club experience?

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Ronen has taken a great initiative with his comprehensive survey which was filled-out by those in attendance at the Nov. 26th meeting .. toward identifying interests and expectations. This forum posting is aimed at those who were not in attendance, as well as those who were and who want to discuss in detail how we can expand the club experience.

Ideas that have occurred to me include ..

- Holding extra periodic meetings (perhaps every second month) expressly for guest speakers, instructional videos and/or workshops.

- Promoting use of this forum by members, to facilitate member communications between meetings.

- Promoting use of the various galleries' commentary feature, to improve education and learning.

So if you've got questions or suggestions toward expanding the club experience, please share them here.

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It's been two years since

It's been two years since Ronen last held a survey of members' preferences. I'm hoping everyone participates in his 2017 survey.

Over the past two years I've noticed that use of the website's forum and gallery comments features hasn't increased much at all. Rather, the focus appears to have moved over to the club's Facebook group page .. https://www.facebook.com/groups/APLCC/

I'm curious if there's a marked difference between the results of the two surveys.