Algonquin Fall Colors

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Excellent Photos Doug...

Nice work Doug.  I really like your slow shutter work with the water...whereabouts is that?

I also like the "leaves falling" shot...very dynamic.  It looks like you had a very nice day.


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Excellent Photos Doug...

Hi Ronen,

Thanks for the nice comments.

Most of these come from Bat Lake trail. 5km in length. Not the best trail for fall colors but looked to have a lot of variety.

The water shot was tough since I didn't have my tripod or ND filter with me.

The day was fantastic. Looks like this weekend won't be as warm or dry.


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Beaver Pond

Brings back Memories Doug You were in the Beaver pond Were You not the BIG rock images?

Enjoyed You Image Posts Doug Thank You Much Great Work Leaves Falling a shot that has eluded Me so far Lucky Guy I would Say!!!