Trans Labrador Hiway

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Hello to All
Some may Know and others probably not but I recently spent 20 consecutive days out on a tour of Eastern Canada with Cameras and steering wheel in hand that started in northen Ontario with a side trip to Island Falls and Abittibi generating facilities then back  on track to Quebec past Rouyn-Noranda then on though to Fermont via Baie Comeau then I took the tour of the Largest underground Powerhouse in the world at Churchill Falls then the long drive to Happy Valley Goose Bay down to Red Bay a total distance of 853 km were I took in the Basque Whalers exhibit and walked up a thousand steps to get a better view then strangely the Ferry to get to Newfoundland is at Blanc Sablon in Quebec once in Newfoundland I visited the Viking Settlement at La Anse aux Meadows were I saw my first Viking & Moose then there was a long drive down the whole Peninsula to Channel Port Aux Basques and that included a passage thought Gros Morne and a lucky stroke at Wreckhouse as it was building to a wind warning that evening and the Table Mountains were making clouds, then it was on to My second Ferry trip to North Sydney and It was mostly foggy so there was not much to see at a distance. I took the tour around the Cape Breton Island seems funny to call it an Island but it is, oh I visited the Fortress Louisburg to and that was quite nice but let's get back to getting out of Nova Scotia and as I did that same  I had a look at the Confederation Bridge it nearly hide the place it links to. It is now time to get lost in the pitch black of New Brunswick on some logging roads and a wash for My trusty Truck in Bathhurst the next morning and as the miles clicked off it was time to enter Quebec once again at Point Aux La Croix & though a very beautiful river Valley Were the Salmon run up the Restigouche don't quote Me on the spelling of that name yep I checked it is correct, I was headed to Edmunston but saw a sign that said Matane so I remembered that name from last year's outing around the Gaspe so it was quite dark by the time I arrived there so it was time to find a place once again a good place to park the Truck for a good nights sleep, in the morning it was of to Rimouski were I saw a lot of Snow Geese I think they are just white Canada Geese they sound a lot like them, after that I made My way to Quebec via a lot of small towns as I was not on the beaten path for most of this trip but at any rate the item that held My attention the most in Quebec was the Quebec Bridge the longest Cantilever span Bridge in the world and that is beside the longest suspension Bridge in Canada the Pierre Laporte Bridge and yes I toured the old walled city and the Citadel as well then off to Montreal and mostly what I did in Montreal was hang around the Samuel Du Champlain Bridge it not the biggest of anything but it is impressive just the same and shortly after building it they raised it 90 feet as it was to low for the ships to pass under it then the rest was slow burn back into Ontario were I meet a Lady on a sideroad near Carlton Place who turns out is a Master at the Ottawa Valley Hunt Club and I got to take some pictures at the Club at the release of the Hounds, I have to backup a bit I visited Ottawa to and visited the Funny Farm were some flags flew at half mast for the bus train crash I had a good tour of Carlton Place as well were the WW1 Flying Ace lived that shot down the Red Barron turns out it was not Snoopy after all and the only other thing I visited of note was the St Raphaels Ruins an old Church that Burned so thats what I have been up to recently. That was a bit long winded but that's what happened and some more as well.
So this Brings Us to the series of images I posted and they are all form the Trans Labrador Hiway 510 section between Happy Valley Goose Bay and Red Bay and are picked out of a total of around 2300 images taken in that transit and all are from My 5D mkii which now has a total of 225,000 activations and has not missed a beat yet there are more images taken from two other cameras but I did not get to them as the folder still has another 7500 images that require looking at and editing and seeing as it took longer to get these to post than it took to drive the distance covered that they represent 542 km Well You get the idea!!! 
Incase You were interested the total Km for this Excursion was 8975 km the Truck used 2300 $ in fuel and I took just shy of 60.000 images and all went Well Well almost without incident there was a death in the Family the 40D packed it in so We had to break out the 50D and well that was ok it seemed happy and this is the honest to God truth it had shutter lag always did so in a wisenheimer move I turned it upside down and took a bunch of shots and it worked flawlessly that way and has the right way up ever since strange but true I know, like the propane fridges in RVs the first thing You do if they quite working is turn them upside down for awhile to get the freon moving again
I hope You Enjoy this post there will be more but as time permits!!! I left the two at the end they are out of order as they are from Wreckhouse in Newfoundland and the clouds are forming above those mountains they are the Table Mountains and it was pretty special being there on an evening were They were up to their old tricks the winds would get strong enough to blow Trains over the max clock sustained speed has been 170 km
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Very nice collection ,

Very nice collection , fantastic trip !!! Congrat !

Base on your story and photos I start to dream about similar one.

What a document

Hi Rick

What a document ! Nice shots, interesting story.  I have a request; if you don’t mind it would be nice to see your path in a map. Could you picture that map and put together with your pictures?

William Varela