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Like Your New Images

Great series of images Doug...

I recognize some of the places.  Where was "Don't Slip" and "Pick a Door" taken?

It looks like you've been picking up your camera and going out.


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Like Your New Images

Thanks Ronen,

Starting to get out some more and carrying it along with me.

The pick a door is from the round house railway just below the CN Tower. I spent an evening down there for an impromptu photowalk.

The "Don't Slip" is inside the building that contains the "Hockey Hall of Fame"

Now that the warmer weather is happening I am trying to get out more. Still haven't convinced myself to get up early for some morning photography.

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Good Stuff

Love the pics, Doug.  Especially like Pick a Door.  The low angle and the leading lines of the tracks really pulls your eyes to the doors.



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Good Stuff


Thanks for the feedback. Trying to get out there more but still struggling to find time.

We have to meet at McKenzie Marsh or somewhere for a chat and shoot. Your Tree Swallow shots look fantastic.

I haven't been out since they were in the mating stages.

Have a great summer,


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Hey Doug,

Hey Doug,

I really like your new fall images.  These are the ones I particularly like:

I love the way the sun comes through the branches of the tree, as well as the low-lying mist.  Just curious, did you take this one on your way to work?  It definitely looks like a morning shot to me.  Also, whereabouts is this?

I really love this one as well.  The head shot of the Heron is excellent, but what I think really makes this image excel is the background bokeh and the waves in the water (at least that's what I think it is).  Again, where did you take this one?

This is a great shot as well.  Looks like you're using a wide angle lens.  Do you recall what the settings were?




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Hey Doug

Hi Ronen,

The tree is an early Saturday morning shot where I planed to catch the fog. Showed up around 6:30 am and crawled through the grass and field. Ended up soaked with the morning dew. This is on Keele looking towards Seneca College.

The Heron shot was from a series of shots and this one must have caught the right angle and light. It is what caught my eye as well. You are the first to see it. This was shot after the Lonely Tree on the way home at McKenzie Marsh.

City Hall was shot with my Sigma 10-20mm at 10mm. F11, 1/20 sec ISO 800. I was trying to get something new since I had some time to spend downtown waiting on my daughter. I like all the separate reflections in the window panes. 

I'll have to try the technique you showed of embedding the image.

See you on the 24th.