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Your Ruins

Thanks Rhodri for Letting Us see some of what You saw, How did You feel when You were looking at the ruins from so long ago of what We have only a small idea of what it was like did it give You a clearer idea of what went on there?



Great Sunflowers to!!!

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Re : Your Ruins

Thanks, Rick.  Oradour Sur Glane was an extremely disturbing place as it has been left exactly as it was after the massacre.  You can still see the bullet holes and the fire scorch marks.  Very interesting.

Hope you are having a good summer.


Beautiful collection, thank you for share those ones. Lyon is one of the places that I’d like to visit



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Great Images

Hey Rhodri,

You've got some great images here.  I really love the inside of the churches and the image with the sunflowers going off to infinity.  Really well done.


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I really like all the sunflower shots.  I think they are one of my favorite flowers.  I must remember to plant lots next year.