Animal Kingdom

New pictures taken this summer for this catalog


I would like to add two more birds to my animal collection.


I had a close encounter with different kind of animals in their natural habitat in my recent trip to California. I would like to add some of these pictures to my “animal kingdom” gallery. Wild Elephant Seals, the sparrow and pelican were at Año Nuevo Park; the deer close to Uva Park.



With about 1876 species, Colombia is the most bird diverse country in the world. During my vacation I had the opportunity to take some pictures of these feathered friends. Enjoy


Inspired by Steven Rose’s presentation and following Ronen and Doug steps I arrived last Thursday at McKenzie's Marsh.  Looks like an animal meeting (including myself, hehe :)  …) I wanted to share some of my pics with you

William V.

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Great shots William

Nice to see you made it to McKenzie Marsh.

Great shots. I went the other day to take a look and not much action. Lots of Geese and Mallards.

Oh that is a Muskrat which looks very similar to a beaver without the thick tail.



Hi Doug

Thank you for your comment and the clarification about the muskrat. I will change the title



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Looks to Me Like You live in a Very Beautiful Country or I should Restate that You are from a Very Beautiful Place, Your Post that starts with the Yellow Bird makes Me think of Mutual of Omaha but Here we should call this post Mutual of Columbia.