And now for some more Imagery and Yet another gallery

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I was going to post last night but Powerstream had a power failure instead about three hours worth so without any further interference here are some scenes I have captured and changed as it pleased My eye, Hope You enjoy as well!!!

See You Thursday.


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These are great!


These are lovely images!  This is the first chance I had to look at them (I know you've had them up for a few days) and I like them very much.

I especially like the Autumn/Winter juxtaposition as well as the Back When? image.  Where did you take this photograph and what effects did you apply?

I can tell that you worked hard on these.  The end result is very good.


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Were and when & the whole scoop!!!

Hello Ronen

    Thanks first of all for taking the time to make mention of My post I am pleased You Did that and that You liked them!

    Saying were they were taken would be easier than what was done to them mostly I just have a go at an image and sick sliders and filters or presets on them till I see something I like and that is the long and the short of that it is arriving at something that catches the eye at the time and I always make the final product a background for a time to see if the euphoric feeling wears of and if it does not it's a Go for show & some tell,  the first four were taken in the Hall tract of the York forest & the rest were taken on a trip to visit Mom and they are from near Lindsay.

Thanks Very Much Ronen



Great Job

Hi Rick,


What a nice collection !  I can't decide yet which one is my favorite, I need more time to choose...



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Hello Wiliam

Thanks for taking the time to make comment I am pleased You like the post!!!

Have You considered it anymore?



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Hello Rhodri

I am Pleased in both counts that You took time to Look & Comment I am Happy You Enjoyed this post.