Pacific Mall

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I had to go to Currys Art Supplies to pick a few items up for My Mom today and was there a bit before they opened so I took the camera to the mall Hope You Enjoy!!!



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Nicely Done Rick...

Hey Rick,

Glad to see that you managed to get out to the Pacific Mall and that you were able to get some images.  I guess Mall security didn't give you any issues, or perhaps they weren't even there that early in the morning.

It looks like a really interesting and colourful place.

Interestingly, my favourite image in the lot is not from the Mall, but of the street looking south-east from Currys.  I like the composition (the curve of the street) and the subdued early morning light.  The composition makes the stree look like something out of the 18th century and not a street that you'd fine in a Toronto suburb.


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Thanks Ronen

Hello Ronen

I did not run into anyone other than that Guy I posted the three shots of He was everywhere never missing a beat like something out of the movies first passing in the isle one way then the other and then I would be going a different direction and there He would be passing in front of Me again and never did He wind up in an isle that I was walking up or down it was well choreographed with out ever having to work on it, yes I thought that image You liked was nice as well it was helped along by Lightroom some EH!! it was a much nicer morning down there that it was in the Aurora area very simallar to the last time I was down there all but for the temperature.