Photo Expedition to the Gaspe & Back???

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First of All

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone hope You have a Great Get together with Whom ever You get together with!!!

Thought I would add a few more images to this title I am however a bit mired in this one as in it is more difficult to deal with this quantity of record than the trip to Capreol was and have not gotten to deal with that either so I am at a loss to deal with it in any sensible manner but someday it will come to Me perhaps, like learning to parle français



Hello All

Seems I have made it back round trip 3442.2 KM,  I had a Good time seeing a part of Canada I had not seen only heard about and seen a few Pictures speaking of pictures I brought Home 37.786 of them an You will have to Pardon-moi if I seem a bit lost but hey to many is a good thing!!! If I would have had two weeks I would have brought home 70.000 or more as it was I broached My at hand storage capacity at 200 gig so I know for next time, another trip that would take trois mois is around the north coast of Quebec and take the ferry/traversier over to Newfoundland and then tour Newfoundland and take the other navire from Port-Aux Basques to North Sydney NS the trip to the fery dock at Blanc-Sabloon to go to St. Barbe is farther than the total for the visite I just was on more packing nécessaire, I am going to attempt to understand the French language a bit more so bear with Me the only way to learn is use it more

The general theme on this post is scenes around Bonaventure Island while on the bateaux! I have not messed with these at all they are as the camera recorded other than resize.

I hope to single some more examples out at some point


A sort note to Mention I am still on the Green side and trying to wear four cameras out but no luck Yet it is however a long drive I started this on Sunday and just arrived in Perece around 3 today.

Hope all Is with Everyone and then some.

I have Never been to any of these places and I am just amazed Montreal is a wonderful place a bit of a construction site, I stayed away from Quebec City as I would not be here otherwise it is a wonder I am anyway it may take a week to get back around the other side yet hiway 17 though New Brunswick is a roller coaster with if there a foot there two thousand foot drops in elevation on the roads I was sure We must have at times been below sea level the ears were poping like crazy, Oh yes the traffic in Montreal is manic and the sites village vistas are a site to behold on the Gaspe Peninsula and Perece Rock is a site to Witness!!!

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Hope You're Having a Great Trip

Hey Rick,

Glad to see you here in the middle of your trip.

Good shot of Perce Rock.  Is there any way to get closer or is it strictly a matter of having a good zoom lens?

It sounds like you're having quite an adventure.  Keep in touch online and do post more images when you can.


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A Thank You

Hi Ronen
I have taken a room for the night instaed of the truck I had tried to post at a few tims but hoops jump though hoops and at the bioshere in Montreal there was wifi that I hooked up to ok but I could not resize the images on the other laptop and time was short, I am likely not to get to do this again till We are home a prognostication on My part, I can get closer as I am going to go on the boat tomorrow so I am not going to get out of here till near noon and it is by My figuring 1800 km to here by the way I went so I am hard pressed to get back for monday even if I do not stop so I am going to just take the going easy and if need be take a few earned sicko days this is the first time in the 14 years I have been at Featherlite that I have been away away so I already made mention of this to the General Manager.

It was raining windy and foggy when I first took sight of Perce but that is ok a few different faces will be good to catch the Rock in.

anyway in Montreal I saw more bridges than I have seen in fifty four years in one short morning so I am posting some of the images of Jacques Cartier Bridge, I was most impressed Me by it I crossed this Bridge two times and it was as good as a ride on the Mine Buster at Canada's Wonderland with out a doubt the largest Man made structure that I have been able to use in all My days and to think People use it every day and it is just there a part of like taken for granted it is hard to belive something like that is possible to manufacture and use that long and if You read this Wiki article it ony gets better

Cheers!!! Ronen


Hey Rick

Your trip looks like National Geographic Expedition !

Thank you for your post