Short Notice Mackenzie Marsh Outing!!!

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The Skies Parted and the Temperature went up and It was a Great outing at the Mackenzie Marsh, Great to have Spent Saturday afternoon With all of You.

Thank You


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McKenzie Marsh

I didn't know there was an outing. I was there on Friday night and Sunday.

The bird you couldn't ID in the tree with the Cormorants is a very shy Osprey who has finally started showing up. I did a nice shoot of him Tuesday night butt still been through the shots yet.

A friend got a shot of it carrying a nice looking fish.



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Hi Doug

Yes there was a an outing and You probably did not know about it because well You were not told about it and I do not know whom to point the finger at about this but it happened and it is not because I was not thinking about You and others as well, what needs to happen is We need to have direct contact possibility and well that is all I am saying on this matter, So Doug Here is My cell # 905-751-5225 and send Me a text and It will not happen again as I will have You direct contact info as I have Missed You not being out for the last three outings, and many others as well but We need to start small.

Thanks for the Bird info it is hard to keep this straight as some are quite similar. I would like to Know as well what those Birds are going to do when that tree falls over and as well everyone that like to look at them as they will either leave or blend into the green somewere else in the marsh.

I am going to the Gaspe to see Perce Rock next week well that is not all I am going to see as I am sure there are many things to see along the way Like a Ferry trip across the St. Lawrence at St Simeon to Riviere-Du-Loup and a side trip to Montmorency Falls 30 Meters taller than Niagara and what ever else presents along the way, I want to make a day of being at the Perce Rock and hope it is a mixed bag as to the mix in the sky or it may take two days I do not think the sun sets over it from the mainland one needs to be in a boat or perhaps on the Island, Oh and I have it from One that has made the trip that if the wind is going good in spots on the route the sea is washing over the road and that will be neat, check this out,

Thanks Again Doug For Your Comments and Communication.



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Marsh outting.


I like Burr 1, Bev made it up McKenzie mountain (funny title), a phase transition, reflection before, and ditched. I guess there weren't many nice pictures of mine other than some of them you posted here. I'll steal those and repost it :P Btw, I took the exact same picture as 'resting'.

I'm so glad that we discovered Crabby Joe that evening. Will take my in-laws who's visiting next week.