Some Images from an Afternoon Walk in the Hall Tract a Beautiful afternoon it was!!!! A few images from an Aug 19th morning on the Marsh, A few images from Aug 19ths walk in the Hall Tract goodbye July 20th Sunrise!!!

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I had a time convincing Myself to get up and go out but in the end I did I am Pleased that I did the Forest was on fire!!!


Hi it is I again I have done some more work on two images as You or even some know I take three images every time all the time so I thought I would see how that worked just for straight up  image enhancement  so I added two others they are HDR and I think it works well what do You think?

It was Picture day in again it's always picture day, the first four pictures are the way they are with the help of a foldup 5-in-1 reflector diffuser affair and it fits in the large inside pocket of the Tamrac Correspondents Vest, So thanks to Clair for ordering this item for us it will be handy.

The little blue things are Blue Cohosh


Hope You Enjoy


Hello again, so soon it is as well.

Did Anyone catch the Spectacular Sunrise this Morning?

Well if You did not I Did and have posted some of what I saw and Even a 5D mkii can not fully capture what the eye saw after the Mind gets though with it but at any rate the images are posted for Your Enjoyment so I hope You Do.




This image was taken in the east parking lot at Sinclar Technologies some day this week with the 70-200 with 2c converter on the front of a 40D.

The sunrise sunset images were taken today with My 5D  witha 24-105L on the front end and the rest of this days post were taken with My 40D with the 70-200 2.8 out front and I am Amazed it bets the 7D hands down I am going to find another 40D to put on the shelf for use latter, for those Who do not belive the lens is more important than the Camera They are right to some degree but both are important. if the weather is comparable I am taking the 7D into Shepards and repeat the tests done with the 40D today to confirm My imagined findings from today.

Hope You enjoy todays posts!!!



A selection of images from recent Forays here and there

The Tractor image what it does not show is there were four vehicles behind it waiting to get around  and the dust plume was about two hundred feet long before it dissipated I do not know what they were thinking it by the way was taken in the Lindsay area, 


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Beautiful Sky


You really captured the beautiful colors of the morning sky.  What time in the morning are we looking at here??

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Sunrise time on this Day

Hello Ronen

The time was on this day around 6 in the morning it was ado or die thing it lasted 10-15 minutes at most  that's all.



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Beautiful Sunrise!  Was

Beautiful Sunrise!  Was definitely asleep for this one but looking at your wonderful shots, makes it seem like I saw it!

Moon and sunrise

Hi Rick

I look over and over your “Over the moon” and Sunrise pictures.


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Really like "Array", "Of", "Changing", "Light", and "Made This"

I missed the fall season and club walk as I was in the Bahamas.

Your images came out great.


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Hello Doug

Hey Doug

it is Great to Hear from You I had thought You had vanished from planet earth, I thank you for Your comments!!! That was a very Memorable Day in the Hall tract a perfect storm You might say of substance and Light.

Bahamas You were working there? and You must have a picture or two I would hope?



it will be good to see who is left at the next meeting

The walkabout was very rewarding as well at Thornton Bales as well  that had the same culmination of Light and substance about that day as well Ronen seems to pick them well to I asked Him if He had made a reconnaissance mission to the conservation area previous to our arrival as He commented about the colours in the lead up to the outing.