Another Great Outing

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Just a short Note to Say to All that came out it was a Pleasure to have spent the day With Everyone.



I seem to have lost most of the EXIF info I will have to see what happened the next time I post HDR files.

I get the film pictures back from Blacks tomorrow so I may post more if in fact I have anything to from the Zenits, digital is decidedly less work and more carefree than film but I plan on pursuing film for awhile to see if I can get similar results to digital perhaps I will pick up a more advanced SLR  that gives a faster shutter speed than 1/500th but it could be faked with a Nd filter  anyway more work is required in this experiment, Thanks to Moon for bringing Her film Nikon and starting this thread.

I will have to learn how the negative scan function works on the HP scanner I have to.


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The evil twin of Thomas the train looks good. i wonder if its a some sort of shrine.

Generally I'm not a big fan of HDR, but i like how contemplation turned out. Confusion creates cool effect as well.



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Hello Moon

Hi There

Thanks for taking the time to say a few words Moon I appreciate Your Words!!!

I have the pictures I took developed and I have looked at one roll so far and like what is there, how are You doing with the images You took with the film Nikon? now out for two walkabouts!

Thanks Moon



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Still 1-2 shots shy of a full reel

Curtis and I dropped by garlic festival + farmers market in newmarket today and got a couple shots of a crane (never seen one in the wild before), but still havent finished the film ;) I can be really patient, dont you think? lol



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Hi Rick,

Hi Rick,

I like your images.

It's interesting how the color of your badlands photos is more muted than mine.  I did warm it up a bit but generally my camera seems to saturate the images a bit more than your camera.  Perhaps it has something to do with the white balance you use.

Anyway, here are some of my thoughts:

  • I really like Image #7.  I'm assuming it's HDR. It looks as if you used a wide angle lens.  Do you remember what the focal length for that image was?
  • Thomas...Evil Twin is also quite good.  I like the splash of light at the top.  It looks a bit like a halo.
  • Confused -- Great image.  Did you use HDR for that or did you create the effect some other way?  The image is quite dynamic and captivating.