Downtown Walkabout

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Gallery of favorite shots from our Downtown photo walk.



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Great Images

Hey Doug,

I really like your HDR processing in Downtown Toronto.  I also like the point of view.  Old in the foreground and new in the background.  Do you know what the focal length was on that shot?

I also like Coffee and Conversation.  I really like the point of view in the image.  Very different from mine where I focus on the chandelier.

I like Green vs. Carbon.  A great juxtaposition of bike/motorcycle.

I love Art imitates reality!  That is such an effective image with the woman standing to the side giving context to the painting on the wall.  Did you deliberately wait for someone to come though or did she just happen to be there when you snapped the photo?

CN Tower also works really well with the two beams framing the CN Tower.



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Thanks Ronen,

Thanks Ronen,

Downtown Toronto: I looked at the focal length and it was my widest at 16mm. While trying HDR effects I kept coming back to this one because I liked the PostCard esthetic.

Coffee and Conversation: I wished I had my 10mm for that one. I couldn't get both chairs in it. I do like yours. It was tough getting the CN Tower to show in the window.

Green vs. Carbon: This was my favorite. I ended up moving it to the challenge and a rename of Choices.  One British guy on Flickr wrote "He made the right choice" haha

Art imitates Reality: I saw the wall and then saw her coming. What was funny is she stopped right there and started going through her purse. Awfully nice of her.

CN Tower: I was walking around and just saw the framing by chance. I guess it really pays to keep looking and trying different angles. 

Thanks for the comments.


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I really liked your photos. I

Merci Claire.

Ronen is planning a HDR session for one of the meetings. Should be a fun session as I too have a lot to learn.


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Hello Doug

A Stellar Posting Doug, I Enjoyed Them all well I am not to much liking the Doorman image He looks like he is thinking to much about You and what to do about the fact You are taking His picture a bit unnerved at His expression I am.

Thanks Doug

Good Show.


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Hello Doug

Thanks Rick.

It is funny how a photo catches such a sliver of time.

Right after the shot was taken he broke into a smile and I gave him a thumbs up which made him grin ear to ear.

It was a fun day and managed to get a lot of great shots.