Labour Day Traffic, I thought it was a Day off?

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Hello Hope Everyone is still around after the Long weekend the start of the end of Summer Like the closing of the EX, I did think it was a Stat Holiday Monday but on the Hiway You would not know it or at least some did not get the Memo. What would They do without the 400?

Hope You enjoy the passing traffic. taken over a period of around two hours on Labour Day.




All from the 7D and with a combination of Kenko ( yes they are Wired )  Extension tubes


Taken in October 2009. it is likely still there it is near the 404 at Muloch and there is an old portable gravel sorting machine there as well.


From Sheppards Bush this morning

Hope You Like the little Birdy


Here are a couple of pictures taken first one at Mono Cliffs and the second one at the Private lands adjoining the Bendor and Graves Tract and a Puppy or two. 

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Thanks for sharing

"Over the Hill"  Great leading lines. I really want to know what's over the hill. Nice front to back focus. I wish we had Exif data

Attentive - Love thre perspective. Again beautiful colors and sharpness throughout. Was that train moving? I would love to try a pan on a moving train.

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Yeah, I like the image as

Yeah, I like the image as well...

I'm actually going to try to implement a module that will allow us to see Exif data.  Didn't have time to set it up, but it's on my to do list.

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Hello Ronen

Thanks for Your comment I was amazed at that image as well in fact it prompted a different approach to photo editors and what prints, You should see it on canvas.

exif iso 125 24mm f/8.0 1/125sec


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Hello Doug

The exif data is stripped from all My images not sure if that helps in the final outcome does it? focus point lighting direction and a bit of luck as well are important items as well, if You saw the original You would not think it was the same image Lightroom brought out what the eye saw and then some.

Thanks Doug

Yes the train was moving but not to fast 5D mkii iso 125 24mm f/8.0 1/125sec the nitty gritty

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Over The Hill

Love the way this draws your eye into the picture.

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Picnic Anyone Image

Hi Rick,

Very vibrant colours on the Picnic Anyone image.  I like it...

Did you apply any filters to it in photoshop to enhance the colours?

Where is the image taken?


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Picnic anyone

Hello Ronen

This is taken at Innisfil Beach Park its in the spring before the park is open or has anyone there it was freezing that day it is from 2009 that is the year I bought the 5d mk11 it is taken with it and yes it has been messed with very much mostly super saturated I use Lightroom the beta version since Doug mentioned it I am wondering when they are going to pull the plug on that so I will have to go back to version 3 or fork over the dollars for the upgrade.