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Hey guys,


My sister might be interested in a compact digital camera with the interchangeable lenses, and I was wondering if anyone had any insight on whether or not they are worth getting?  She likes the idea of the SLR but was also likes how they are still very tiny so easier to cart around, but isnt sure if they are worth the money?  So basically if anyones opinion would be appreciated and if you know what might be the best, Sony, Nikon, Olympus??


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Hi Joanne,

Hi Joanne,

There are definitely advantages to a DSLR-type camera versus a simple point and shoot.  Generally,  DSLRs (full-sized or compact) have a larger sensor than point and shoot cameras and so for the most part give you a better image.  Because of the larger sensor the pixels on DSLRs are larger and therefore can collect more light which produces a better image.  Here are the advantages of DSLR-type cameras:

  • Image quality
  • Adaptability -- being able to change lenses opens up a lot of creative potential.
  • Speed -- very little lag between pressing the shutter and the picture being taken.
  • Large ISO range -- more flexibility for shooting in different lighting conditions.
  • Manual controls -- can be found in some point and shoot but tend to work better on DSLRs.
  • Depth of Field -- Because of better lenses and bigger sensor DSLRs give a much greater option for selective focus.  This is very important if you want to be more creative with your photographs.
  • Quality Glass -- Point and shoot cameras have optics that will do the job but are not necessarily very good.  DSLR lenses are generally superior (and more expensive) and will give more visual variety.

Here is a link to CNET's reviews of best interchangeable lens (some are more compact than others) digital cameras.

By the way, I use the Panasonic GH1 which is fairly small and takes great images.  The DMC-GH2 is the newer version of the camera and is the second listed in the CNET reviews.


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Compact Cameras


Here is some great info from Bryan Weiss at the Henry's in Newmarket.

He is a good source since they get to try these out all the time.

I know he doesn't like the Olympus and refuses to sell any Nikon V1 cameras after 12 of 14 came back.

Point and Shoot Guide


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Dead Link

Hey Doug,

The link that you gave goes to a dead end.  I looked for the guide on the site, but couldn't find it.  Perhaps it was removed.  Anyway, I'll let you figure it out.



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Hey Guys,

Hey Guys,


Thanks for the suggestions, I will check out CNET for sure and let my sister know some of your thoughts!  Thanks for the tips as I turn into my sisters lackey :)

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Mirrorless Cameras

Hello Joanne

You are looking for a class of camera that I believe will overtake the DSLR market in time and sooner than one thinks I predict the mirror will go the way of film, but for now there is a premium  to pay not in the camera but the lenses that work with them, here are a few links,

This is the only one I have looked at Joanne and well hold on, I looked, seems everyone is in the game, well almost all, now there's money to be made here so of course they are, here is a link  to a review of sorts at Digital Rev,

So You will have to sort though these reviews and find more perhaps check out as well it is a ready source for information and as well unbiased I believe it is, well it may be a bit Canon centered but Hey it is the #1 Consumer Camera maker on the Planet, here is an interesting link You may wish to read at the same time.

Hope this helps You Joanne and as well best of luck in making a decision for I think it will be a hard one to make I like them all for varying reasons but the Sony and Panasonic units still have a bit of a hand grip and that is an important feature whereas the Nikon model has opted for the apple look and that is never good, can You tell I like apple, but I do like Apples, strangely Canon has remained out of this segment to date,



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Sony Store in Aurora

Sony store in Aurora is closing down and offering 25% off cameras and accessories.

Might want to go take a look for a nice compact there.

They shut the doors Wednesday so hurry.


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Doug - thanks for letting me know about the Sony store, I will check it out for sure to see what kind of goodies they have!

And Rick, thanks for your info and all the links - I have been slowly going through some of them! but maybe I should let my sister do some of the hard work eh :)