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These pictures I just took about 7 years ago with an Olympus 35mm film camera....So far I have not figured out how to make my other pictures smaller but I did download a free trial of lightroom to try


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Nice Shots

Hi Joanne,

Nice shots.  I especially like the shot of the bridge...

I'll be doing a brief tutorial during our next meeting on how to compress the size of photos to make them web friendly while at the same time maintaining maximum quality.

Nice Travel Shots

You have been traveling! Lots of interesting shots.

The photo that attracted my attention was the one above and behind the women with the yellow hair flower. A very natural look and with the soft focus dress in the background, it tells a story.



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Love the picture

I wanted to leave a comment long time ago when I saw the dom(?) picture on the gallery. There's something about film camera, that makes pictures look mysterious.

I especially like the color of the water. It's so blue! Nice work.


Love the light rays coming down to the bridge. How long did you have to wait to get it just right?

I love the colouring in your photos of the girl with the yellow flower. Is that easy to do with layers? It certainly was worth any time you put into it because it gives a very classy look to the photos.

The picture of the plastic people climbing the wall makes me laugh every time. I love pictures that make you wonder exactly what is going on on the other side!

Thanks for sharing,