Outdoor Photography

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Love it

Red Rocks and Modore are fantastic. Great technique.

They are all very good.

Thanks for sharing.


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Hi Gord,

Hi Gord,

These are excellent images.  I love the shot of the lightning.  You must have used a very slow shutter speed on that one.  Would you mind giving the settings that you used to take the image?

Also, was this image planned or a happy accident?

I also love The Big Dipper over Red Rocks.  Again, very well done and nicely conceived.

Can you give a few details as to how you got these images?  Would be much appreciated.

Hi Ronen

Hi Ronen

Both these photos were essentially the result of trial and error. So much to learn…

The Big Dipper shot was taken under a full moon in the US southwest last fall - 30 secs, F5, 35 mm - using a tripod . You can see very small star trails so unless trails were wanted, I wouldn't want the exposure to be any longer

The lightning shot was about being in the right place at the right time last summer in the Kawarthas. When I heard the thunder, I grabbed my camera gear and ran outside to get my first lightning photos. It was shot at 14 sec, F 5.6, 28 mm with almost no ambient light.  I set up the tripod, used a tree for framing and tried to anticipate the next strikes. I was fortunate to have a number of opportunities.  While a few shots had more dramatic lightning and looked quite good, they had longer exposures (40+ sec's) which almost made them look like they were taken during the day. I liked the "gates of hell" look created by the dark red sky and reflection.

Night photography is very enjoyable. I recently purchased a cable release which should help with the longer exposures.


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Amazing Pics

It seems like everyone else who commented, I was also drawn to Mordor and Red Rocks, but I think that Brown Pelican might be my favourite - it is just so vibrant!  All your photos are very powerful and thanks for sharing.

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Red rocks

I know it's a delayed commet, but when I saw this picture, I gasped. It's like a picture from National Geographic. Hope to learn a lot from you in the upcoming tutorial in April!