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Most of the pictures were taken with a regular point and shoot digital camera, with the exception of the cottage pictures where I was testing out my new SLR.

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Cleo, Banana Loaf, Palm lights

Hello Joanne D.

I thought it time to say something about a few of Your photos I have looked at the palm and lanp post image quite a few times and liked it very much and wondered what to say about it and well I think I just did, as for the banana loaf it looks good are You bringing some thursday? just never know what Joanne will post next showing off Her good cooking, and finally I have looked at Cleo and I am sure Cleo is from what I can see a very nice Kitty but Kitty is a bit fuzzy well whats up with fuzzy Kitty? not to upset You to much but someone had to ask!!!



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I never go to page 2...I

I never go to page 2...I guess I might have to bake something for next time...if I can remember!

With Cleo - I was just trying to get his tongue and he ended up a bit fuzzy but I don't mind him a big fuzzy :)

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Hello Joanne 

That is a very nice image of Cleo, Cleo looks very content!!!

I am trying to find out what the image with the green,red , blackish berries with the leaves are  but so far no luck, Good to see You have posted to the activities gallery!



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Hey Rick.

Hey Rick.

I thought you might comment on the cake pic! Not the prettiest of pics but it sure did taste good!!!

For the Cleo pic, I am not sure what the bush is...I am not good with plants/flowers.  I would have liked to get rid of the stick that is coming across his face but I don't think my limited editing software would let me.

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I like the wind chime (or

I like the wind chime (or outdoor decoration) shot that you got from the festival.

It's different. Nice focus on the pot!