Vivian Maier newly discovered street photographer after her death in 2009

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Hundreds of thousands photographs discovered when her negatives and photos were bought at a storage auction.

She never showed them to others and are now being brought to the light of day.

Fantastic and inspiring images. Just remember these are all from the camera with no editing.




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The photographs are amazing! 

The photographs are amazing!  The fact that she was able to capture these images on film and get the kind of expressions and compositions is, as you say, inspiring.

She clearly was not afraid to stand there, camera in hand, and compose her image.  Without a doubt her subjects were very aware that they were being photographed.  She must have had some technique or strategy for taking the photos quickly and moving on.

The photos really give a sense of the time and the character of New York in the mid fifties.

Maybe we should take some time during one of the meetings and talk a bit about these images.

Window Shopping

I love the window these found objects bring to show us the past. Photojournalism and street photography I think are very important for future generations. I can't believe she was able to take pictures in big cities with only a few people included. But most of all it is the honesty of her work to find pictures of common people that are interesting. Thanks for the link!