purchase of a Canon 7D

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Recently purchased a Canon 7D and as usual Canon makes one work for the picture but I am getting to like the thing, To date the result is spotty but when it is spot on its really quite good, I would warn anyone that is thinking about a 7D that the image is a bit noisy but cleans up well in Lightroom's Luminance tool. I have taken 2517 images to date with it, one of the problems with the 7D is if You own a 5D mkii it is hard to take an aps c size sensor camera again in comparision, not that the aps c size camera is hard to take or I would not have purchased it they save the Amateur photographer a bundle in lenes to obtain the same result with a full frame Like Ronen's dragonfly would take 600mm as apposed to 200-300mm so they are a handy item to have in the photographers tool kit.

I did not do to much reading about it it was just far enough away from the 40D that I would take the upgrade at this point and see how it went, I did read the review at dpreview.com of it which gave it a bit more shine than I think it has but I will not be taking it back it is usefull enough for My liking.

I gave all My 40d kit to My Daughter and She is happy with an upgrage to a better camera than the Canon S3is, I had however done that before I got My hands on the 7D and after using it for a a week I started noticing some of the issues with the image noise and perhaps a few focus point issues as well so I looked back at some of the 40D images I had collected during the time I had that unit and found the images to be a lot at first blush cleaner, I was at this pont getting a bit concerned, so if You want to read further to what I have read read this,  http://www.flickr.com/groups/canon_7d_digital_slr/discuss/72157622807724... copy and paste it in the browser location bar, anyway I searched KIJIJI for 40Ds and found one to My liking and arranged to purchase it, it had under 4000 activations and the price was right so it is mine now and I have run comparisions of the output from the two and I have come to the conclusion that the 40Ds output is more consistant but not better when and only when one considers lightroom and inconsistant results I have to push the shutter button more on the 7D to assure the good shot to date at anyrate there may be something I am missing as well.

So I hope this helps with this little item



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Nice honest review. Interesting that other reviewers claimed high ISO performance. 1600+

Good to see real world feedback.