Which lens


Hoping to go to Arizona and the Grand Canyon wondering whether to get  a a lens Baby or wide angle lens?

What would you recommend?

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Hi George,

Hi George,

You can definitely achieve some interesting effects with a lens baby, but I think that given that you're going to the Grand Canyon and Arizona I would say that a nice wide angle lens would probably serve you better.  Overall I would say that there are more uses for a wide angle than for a lens baby, although I really do love what a lens baby can do.

When you say a wide angle lens, how wide exactly do you mean?  Do you have a particular lens in mind?


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I agree with Ronen.

I agree with Ronen.

I had a lens baby that I sold for my mother in law. I played around with it for a few days. They are interesting but frustrating. I would rather get a clean shot and play with effects in software instead of on the camera.

A nice wide will always come in handy. Landscape, Star trails, interiors, etc.