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Hi Linda 

It is a shame that building has fallen on hard times it is a unique structure and helps the look of the Town, An interesting little place.



A selection just Because I have them and wish to present an image or two or three...


some images from this Moon Event, Hope You all enjoy


Will not wait for those who sleep in 

A few of 4085 pictures taken today hard to choose hard to get though that many and that I have not yet and that is on top of over 2000 on Sunday it is an addiction!!! 
Was delving into the Canon picture style settings for the first time other than just using the presets as I have not noticed in four or five years that one of the adjustments that is involved in this option is sharpness and it makes a large difference, so if someone shoots Canon check it out, I stumbled into that when the LCD somehow got into one of the setup windows for that item and I said whats this sharpness thing, Canon does not give up anything without a fight it knocks You down many times before it turns out the way You want!!! it is rewarding when You get it though!!!
Regards Rick
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Beautiful Sunrise Image


I really like the work sunrise photo.

I love the silhouette of the trees as well as the warmth of the colours.  I don't know if it's your lens or the sun but there is a halo around the sun that, in my opinion, actually adds to the image.

What time in the morning would this have been?

Nicely done Rick.

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Thanks Ronen

Yes it is the lens it is not the atmospheric aboration that indicates weather change, I find though a lot of the photos I take are at the compression threshold as far as the under 1000k goes like this one it is a representation of the original it is upon a bit of zooming in not any were as sharp as it was taken.


Rick Armstrong

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Beautiful Shots

I love sunrise and sunset photos, I am prone to vibrant colours!  I really like the one 'More Big Bay Point' with the falling in dock or whatever it is...how it add something else to look at besides the water and sky!

Have a seat

I know I have sat at that bench... I love pictures of benches where you can imagine sitting on the bench and and just being there.

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Beautiful Pine


I really like this photo. It has this aged beauty to it.

I actually like how you composed it standing magestic in the center of the frame.

Thw B&W works really well.

Good job paying tribute to such a beautiful tree.

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Beautiful Tree

Hey Rick,

That's a beautiful photo of the tree.  I totally agree with Doug that you were able to capture the tree in its full majestic splendor.  I especially like the way it dwarfs all the other trees around it.  It really highlights how special it is.

I think you made a good choice making it black and white.  It highlights the wonderful shape of the tree without being distracted by the color.  Removing the color information also gives the sky a great texture.  This is really a good image.


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Abandoned pics


I love the names you gave your pics!!  What abandoned place did you find that hanging doll - pretty creepy!  Very creative use of the abandoned theme - would never have thought of the seagull and mcdonalds bag (but probably a good thing there were no more fries, cause they cannot be good for the seagulls either!).

This weekend is the art show at Town Hall - they have some amazing photography art and I really think that you and a lot of the other members of our club could have some of their pictures displayed.  I think its free so you should check it out!

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To Joanne

Hello Joanne

Yes it was a bit of a Creep out to come across that but camera in hand it was a opportunity not to be missed.

It was in the big house across from the Boston pizza out at the 404 on Wellington St.  that is not there anymore it was very interesting place to shoot the yellow duck was there, as is the picture of that text that starts with the word conclusion.

Funny You should mention the art show I have stuff there it is the second time I have entered no luck in the win category yet but one must carry on. I did not get the opportunity to mention this with the events that were going on in the last meeting You have to get on this in march or April to get the entry in to the powers that be to get in the limited queue

Hope You and Cleo are Well

Thank You Joanne



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Oh that is great that you

Oh that is great that you have some Art there - When I was there on Thursday they were putting everything up so I obviously missed your stuff!  I have to work tomorrow but if I can find time today then I will go back and keep my eyes open for your submissions.

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on Kennedy

was it really that steep?

i was working on saturday, so ill check out your submission today.

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That Steep?

Hello Moon

No it was not that steep it's just fun at 300mm thats all and the Guy driving helped out with the brake lights, it,s the end of the world on the other side.

Thanks  Moon