Using APLCC Galleries

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There are three types of galleries available to users:  The General Photo Gallery, the Monthly Challenge Gallery, and the Incognito Gallery.  Each gallery has a slightly different workflow and purpose.  In this short blog I'm going to go through how to use each of the galleries.


General Photo Gallery

This gallery is for sharing any photos you wish with APLCC members.  It is a general gallery in the sense that you can pretty much post anything you wish here (as long as it falls within the bounds of good taste) with very few restrictions.  There are no limits to the number of photos you can post in your gallery.  You are also free to delete any photos, or the gallery itself if you so wish.

Each member can create a total of three General Photo Galleries.  The reason for allowing multiple galleries is so that members can organize their photo presentations if they wish.  For example, one gallery may be for landscape images, another for macro images, and a third for miscellaneous images.

To use the general photo gallery do the following

Log in with your username and password

Go to the Add Content option under navigation on the homepage and click on it

This will take you to another page with the following options

Click on the APL Camera Club Photo Gallery

This will take you to the main page of your gallery which will look like this: