Trip to High Park & Roncesvalles

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Well if no One else has...

Hello Ronen

I see You spent a few hours or more likely to assemble Your post from Our last outing, You Sure like the HDR and I sure Like Your HDR  the Peaches make Me want one, I like Your pictures of the Child at the Zoo and from the Church  invasion both styles She reminds Me of Shirley Temple, All the pictures I took of the speeding cars look like they are sitting still, and Your couple on the beach are in a dream, Ronen an overall Great post!!! I think Rhodri won the contest as far as the boats go I did not like any that I took of it, I think Rhodri found the picture that was there.

Thank You Ronen and Thank You for You comments at the same time!!!

I must ask as to what is Your impression of the 5D mkii from Your first full outing with it? are You pleased with it's output so far?



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Speeding on lake shore

Amazing! I wanna learn how to take a shot like this!

This is the kind of photo I was having hard time understanding in the classroom few years ago.

so as the race horse running...



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Hi Moon,

Hi Moon,

I'm glad you enjoyed the shot.

Remember when we were talking at Starbucks after the Aurora walkabout regarding using slow shutter speed to achieve all sorts of interesting effects? This image is an example of this.  One of the things I'd like to do in one of the meetings is go through the process of using slow shutter and perhaps even have a monthly challenge based on a slow shutter effect.

Anyway, thanks for the positive comment.  I appreciate it.