Trip to Cheltenham Badlands and Belfountain

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Hi Ronen

I am sitting here looking at the images from the film cameras I brought along and I am liking what came out of those 60 year old cameras anyway Ronen I thought I would venture forth a with a few words on Your posts from Our outing so are You ready? I liked image 14 I would call that stage light, Your people subjects on the bad lands were interesting one looks like it is in mid air as if running pretty neatthe face in image 12 is quite decomposed, Your water is pleasant to look at that Fountain looks better in HDR than it does in person and that is neat You posted the same image of Bev as I did and with the same camera how's that for a coincidence? But the one I love the most Ronen is the Fence I get dizzy looking at that it just goes on around and does not stop great Work Ronen, image 29 is pretty special to.

Thanks Ronen Great to See!!!



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Hi Rick,

Hi Rick,

Thanks for the comments.  I do enjoy working with HDR although not all of the images I posted are HDR.  With some I just played around a bit with saturation.

You've got some pretty cool images in your gallery.  I'll be posting some comments soon.


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Good Morning Ronen

I shall expand a bit at You request Ronen.

Your saturation level may be the way You have Your picture styles set or not and that requires an in person compare but was using the first user setting,

sharpness set at 2 clicks right of center 

contrast in center

saturation 1 click right of center

colour tone 1 click left of center

and I almost always use white balance set at cloudy

image 7 is in fact an HDR image and it is full back at 24mm

confused was taken when We got turned around south of the airport it is the result of six images processed as HDR and each image is as the 5D mkii takes it's time to shoot is a bit further down the road and the second set of three are at a bit futher out as far as the lens is concerned.

Thank You Ronen for Your Comments I appreciate that Very Much.