Still Life Presentation

The Monthly Challenge for the next meeting is Still Life or Holiday Still Life.  You can watch the PowerPoint presentation which I did in class to get some ideas and inspiration regarding the placement and lighting for your still life.  Keep in mind the following when thinking about your still life:

  • Find something that interests you to be the subject of your still life.
  • Think about the layout of your objects.  Remember that in a still life simple is better.
  • Use lighting to emphasize the objects.
  • Use objects in your still life that fit into a common theme.  For example:  kitchen utensils, fruit, dishes, flowers, vegetables etc.  These are just arbitrary examples that I came up with.
  • Try to use an artistic eye.  Either by way of lighting or in post processing.
  • Work on the composition.  Watch the videos below to get some ideas.
  • Think outside of the box.

Here are a couple of YouTube videos that may help: