Startrails move over a bit Blue Heron

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I was up early Sunday and Looked out to see what if anything would make for an excuse to go out taking pictures and I found it right in the back yard Orion is in the sky Hunting once again and with the help of the program William spoke about He has never loomed larger in the sky, I liked the movie it made as well but it is 570 mb a bit large at this moment, anyway  it took 198 images to arrive at this. It was stroke of Luck a small lot of wispy cloud passed over to give a bit more to the image I think it works well and Thanks to William for pointing this utility out Oh and if I have to a Thank You to the People whom went to all the trouble to make the Program up in the first place!!! 

Thank You William




Just Luck and having the wits to raise the camera and start blasting away and not just standing and staring in AWE, this time the 7D did what it is supposed to do it preformed well this time it likes Canon Lenses long ones anyway.



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Hi Rick,

You hunted the Hunter in a beautiful and colorful way. I’m glad that you began to use this program.  If you create an account on Vimeo, you could download your movie there and then post the link in our camera club.