Snapshot Aurora and APL Camera Club

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Hi Everyone,

Are you interested in leaving a mark on Aurora's history?  If so, this is the project for you!

A while back at one of our meetings I talked about the Snapshot Aurora project that's being undertaken by the Aurora Museum and Archives, which I agreed the APL Camera Club would participate in.

Basically, the idea is to capture photographs of the people of Aurora in front of their homes or businesses with the purpose of archiving these images for future reference.  The inspiration for the project is Canada's 150th birthday as well as the front yard portraits and images so popular at the turn of the century.  

It would be great if you could fully participate.  But, if you prefer, you could just take your family's photograph in front of your home. Ultimately, we'll collect these images and submit them to the Aurora Museum and Archives. The timeline for working on this project is between September and November 2017, but it would be great to get a list of people who are interested ahead of time.   Here's a visual from the Aurora Museum and Archives website with information about the project.


And don't worry, if you do participate you won't have to go out and solicit people and businesses on your own. There will be a coordinated effort by the Aurora Museum and Archives to get people and businesses to participate.  

The APL Camera Club will be given the names of individuals and businesses who have signed up, and  then those members who have agreed to participate will go out and take the photographs.

To find out more about this project visit the Aurora and Archives display at 22 Church Street in Brevik Hall during Doors Open Aurora on August 19.  Also on display there will be a series of front yard photographs from the past.

Send me an email ASAP if you have an interest in participating so that I can put your name on a list.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you soon.