San Francisco Trip -- July 2013

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Here are some photos from my San Francisco trip...

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The Pacific in View

Hi Ronen
Took some nice Shots You Have the Graffiti is very nice it reminds Me of a possible walkabout in Graffiti Alley, the haight mural is a great representation of the sailing Ship days and Pirates and the Like, Did You take a shot of that straight on as well? some of this graffiti must be State sponsored, Your Pacific Ocean images are Very Nice to look at Great Post Ronen.
I do not however see any images of the Cliff House!!!
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San Fransisco

Hey Ronen,

Great stuff.  My favorite is the girls on the flat stairs.  Really sucks you in.


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Thanks Rhodri.

Thanks Rhodri.

The girls on the stairs are my wife and daughter.  My wife was really happy that she looked young enough to be referred to as a "girl".


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San Fran

Great shots.  Enjoyed them all.  Lots like a lot of high def. which definitely worked.  Can't wait to find out how you took the shots with the ghost people.