The Rock: Newfoundland Wonders

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One of the most memorable experiences I had this summer was visiting the beautiful province of Newfoundland.  If there's one thing that Newfoundland is not short of it's opportunities for amazing photographs.  it's not an exaggeration to say that Newfoundland is a photographer's paradise and photo ops just seem to be endless.

Needless to say I took lots of photos!  On coming back home I was determined to do something creative with them, and not just put them away somewhere to be forgotten.  After a bit of thought I decided that I would put together a short photo book that was a visual and narrative account of the trip. 

I would like to share the final book with all of you, in the form of a digital flip book, and I hope that you like it.  To view it just click the image below and you will be taken to the book.


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Rural Maritime Memories

Took me back too. Old memories of maritime villages and wave-washed shorelines came flooding back. Only things missing were the salty wind and the smell of the seaweed.