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Lovely Images

These images are very nice.  I like the image of the street with the person carrying the umberella.  I think that the colours and the angle of the shot really work nicely.

I also like the vase with the flowers.  The floor and the background are white.  Did you shoot this in some kind of a light box?

Very nicely done...

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Nice work

I agree with Ronen. The street image is wonderful. The S curve, leading lines, the colors, and the point of view is nice. The person in it adds interest and scale. 

Well done.

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Welcome Rita

A very Pleasant posting of images one and all, the water drops on Her face are a very nice touch!

Enjoyable to be Certain!!!



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I agree with Rick as well. I love the little girl's image with water drops. Lovely!



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I really like the reflections

I really like the reflections in the glass and the simplicity and colours of the field and trees.

Although I like the dog as well he does looked like he's pinned underneath the gate!

Good job.



Hi. Thanks for the comments.

Hi. Thanks for the comments. The terrier was standing on the ledge of a concrete wall-almost eye level. Looking at the expression of the dog I can see how you might think he's in trouble. The pictures of the buildings were taken near Union Station. I like looking for the reflections, the more abstract the more interesting it is. The picture of the field was taken on Bayview Ave. near Wellington-a nod to Aurora.      Rita

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Little Puppy

Hi Rita

Some very nice Postings in particular the Puppy a Real Ham I see He/She knows how to melt a Heart a Precious little Critter.

Thank You