Reminder of APL Camera Club January 31 Meeting

Ronen Grunberg's picture

Hi Everyone,

This is a reminder that the next APL Camera Club meeting will be this this Thursday, January 31st, between 7-9 p.m. in the Lebovic Room of the Aurora Public Library.


Don't forget to upload your images for this month's challenge.  Lots of people have not uploaded yet (including myself) but do try to upload something for us to discuss.

The theme for the monthly challenge is "Around the house/Something you love." The category is all set up on the APLCC website so you may upload photos whenever you wish. Just remember that this month's challenge asks you to take three photos of the same object (anything around the house including people, pets or inanimate objects) from three different perspectives and pay close attention to the lighting. Try to capture the essence of the thing by way of varied and interesting compositions. Experiment with lighting and shadows. It’s not necessary to have expensive lighting kits for this -- just use lights around the house. I have set up a page on the APL Camera Club website with three embedded videos that give suggestions on how to approach composition and lighting:

Click here to watch the videos

Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday.