Possible Photo Club Trip?


Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the late notice - Saw this advertised on "Things  to Do" on T.V.

CIBC LanternFest/Dumpling Festival - Harbourfront Centre.

There will be live entertainment, lion dancers, kids activities, and a "jungle" themed lantern maze.

The event is Fri Feb 8 - Sun Feb 10. 12 p.m. - 8 p.m. 

Free. (However, likely some cost for food, souvenirs and parking. - Though you can get there easily from TTC - Streetcar 509.)

Here are the websites for more info.




Photographer on the Loose's picture

Harbourfront Clowning around

Hello Emily

Hey I guess it is to late to be reading this right now EH!!

Sorry We missed that but if memory serves Me a Snow storm happened that weekend did it not, Did You or anyone else go?



Weather Ruined Trip.

No, unfortunately we did not go. I think the weather ruined the weekend for everyone.

However, according to the lantern festival's website - it looks like it is a yearly thing.

Last year's theme was fish, this year's the jungle. So perhaps next year . . .  :)