Monthly Challenge for March 27 Meeting

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Hi Everyone,

Just a quick heads up on the upcoming Monthly Challenge...

Basically there are two options, both involving light:


Create an image where there is some kind of play with light, based on using a slow shutter speed.  For this option, the subject matter is fully up to you as long as there is some sort of an interesting light play based on using a slow shutter speed.  This technique requires a bit of knowledge on using your camera's slow shutter speed and is perfect if you like to experiment.  You can get some really interesting light effects (both indoors and outdoors) if you're not afraid to "play around" with your camera's shutter speed settings.  Here are some links to help get you inspired:

Introduction to Light Painting Photography Technique

Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 44: Slow Shutter Magic

Shutter Speed: A Simple Introduction


Create and submit an image where the use of light is interesting in some way.  For this option you are not required to use a slow shutter speed.  As with option #1 the image can be of anything as long as the use of light is interesting in some way.

For this month's challenge you may submit either brand new images or any images that you created over the past 12 months.

Looking forward to seeing you submissions.