Memories Of Summer

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Excellent Work


These are beautiful images.  You really captured the essence of the place. I particularly love the following:

  • Who's Fishing for Who? -- I love the humor of the photo and just the quirkiness of the bird (is it a Heron?) walking nonchalantly across the frame.  It made me laugh.
  • Ibis Reflection -- love the symmetry of the reflection and the texture of the water. Also really like the transitioning from light to dark in the water.
  • Dolphin In The Wake -- Great action shot.  You must have been very quick with your shutter finger.
  • Strutting Peacock -- Love the color, love the pattern, and just the general framing of the image.
  • Nobody Does Fireworks Like Disney World -- Wow! Beautiful vibrant colors.  And the globe dead centre is very effective.

Damn, they're all good!




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Florida Trip


Excellent photos. Makes me yearn for my vacation.

Favorites are Pier 60,  Gathering Storms, Dolphin in the Wake, Strutting Peacock, Sunset over Pier 60, and Hawk Eye.

So how many images did you end up with on the card? It is always tough after a holiday going through them all. I think my last vacation was over 2000

Thanks for sharing.



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Re : Florida Trip

Thanks, Doug.  

I ended up with about 1,000 photos but 90% were of my kids!  Didn't really have any quiet time just to photograph things.  Had to grab a few quick shots here and there when the kids were eating ice cream!  Had a great time though.  The skies are always interesting down there.  Always seems to be just before or just after a storm.


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Hello Rhodri

Good to See You returned safe and Sound and Learned a thing or two about telling Stories, Ah like Walt Disney, All Kidding aside I did hear that bird Whistling as if nothing was happening while sneaking around behind undetected,

Seems to be a few birds there are they on the payroll?  it seems a bit surreal You found that many and still went to see Disney, the sky looks great and that is looking into the Gulf of Mexico?

Thanks Rhodri


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Hi Rodri,

Looks like you had a great vacation!

I like Whos fishing for who?,  Dolphin in the wake, Looking for clams, and Baby allegator.
I've never been to Florida but was wondering what the fuss is all about. Your photos convinced me to visit Florida in the near future. :)

I also heard wonderful things about Myrtle beach, did you visit there as well?




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Myrtle Beach

Thanks, Moon.  

No we didn't visit Myrtle Beach - we stayed in Charleston, S.C. on the way down.  It was beautiful and I would strongly recommend a visit if in the neighborhood.

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Flying Birds

Very nice bird images.  You did a great job of catching them mid-flight & mid-movement.

Did you enjoy the course? Do you feel you came out of there with more knowledge than you went in there with?


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Re : Flying Birds

Thanks, Ronen.

I did enjoy the course.  The one thing that became abundantly clear (and was the instructor's first comment) was that, unlike most aspects of photography, taking photos of birds in flight really is about the equipment.

I felt I was at the bottom end of what you could use to get a decent picture.  If the camera / lens is not fast enough to track and focus on a very fast moving subject it becomes even more difficult.

Some of the gear that people were using cost probably 10 - 20 times what I was using.

I had fun though.



Hi Rhodri,

Hard to choose which is my favorite picture on your fly sequence. Nice job

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That is Quite an Expression on those 2 Faces going down the hill it looks to Me as though Fun is being had by both Thanks Rhodri, I also have meant to speak to the Talons out image have You not seen the likeness of Robert Kennedy in silhouette at the edge of it's wing in the gallery icon image? Great images of Birds By the way even if they do look like the Kennedys!

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Great Images -- "Happiness & Fear", "Orchard in the Snow"


I love the two images that you posted...

"Happiness & Fear" -- I really like the expression on the kid's face and the dog going along for the ride.  The flying snow gives a sense of the movement, even though the image itself is tack sharp, as it should be, considering the fact that the kid's expression is the highlight of the image.  Nicely framed and well conceived, focusing on the joy of the moment.

"Orchard in the Snow" -- Love the leading lines in this image.  The tree in the left foreground is the first place the eye falls and then the fence leads the eye across the image.  Excellent composition and a really pleasing scene.  Is this orchard nearby?  Did you take the photograph after the recent snowstorm? 

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Thanks, Ronen.  The orchard is on St Johns Sideroad between Bathurst & Dufferin.  I have driven past it so many times and never with my camera so I went there Saturday morning after the snowfall.  The only problem was that the snow was so deep you couldn't step off the road so I was a bit limited as to where I could set up.

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Bird House Images

Hi Rhodri,

The new bird images are lovely.  I especially like "Where's my Dinner?" and the one of the mother bird feeding.

When did you get these images and where?  Was your camera on a tripod or was this all hand held?

Thanks for posting.


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Re: Bird House Images

Thanks, Ronen.  They were taken this weekend at McKenzie Marsh.  They were all hand held.