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Here is a collection of Macro photo's from the last few years.

These were taken with the various equipment outlined in my Macro introduction talk..



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Keeping an eye out

Hello Doug

A very Nice selection of Images Doug  I can see that You have spent a few hours with one eye closed peering thought the viewfinder The part of Your  presentation I caught at the last Meeting was well done and once again I am sorry I was late somewere I was thinking it started at 7;30  and well I was mistaken as a matter of fact I was taking pictures in the main part of the library to many things to think about and only one brain.





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Great Images Doug

Thanks for posting these images Doug.  I love them all.  The detail and the visual impact of these is spectacular.

I really like the image of the snake.  You managed to capture a great expression on the face, and I really love the background color.  It just works so well.

I also love the image of the insulin pen needle.  Especially effective is the is the light reflection off the drop (I'm assuming it's insulin) at the tip of the needle.

Beautifully done!


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Thanks Ronen and Rick.

Thanks Ronen and Rick.

Rick I think you only missed the intro and Extension tubes. I usually carry them in my bag so I can demo them on Saturday PhotoWalk for you.

Ronen, The snake shot I wished was sharper. I didn't bring in my tripod or monopod and regret it to this day. We were the only ones there and they told me they wouldn't have mind. 

I did the Insulin pen needle for a theme of "Close" to see how close I could focus. It was also to celebrate 100 years of insulin. As a diabetic this is what most allows me to enjoy photography. Hard to believe a hundred years ago it would have been a death sentence. I lucked out on the light reflection and really saw it after in post. Sometimes photography does have some luck included.


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Well it looks like we share photography and diabetes.

I've been an IDDM for going on 30 years now.