Local Wildlife

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With camera and 'bird-lens', I headed outdoors to get some local 'wildlife shots' ...

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Wildlife shots

The clarity and composition of your shots are spot on. 

Well done.

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Excellent Images Barry

Hi Barry,

Really love these shots!  They are really well done, and as Linda points out the composition is right on.  Whereabouts did you get these images and what kind of a lens did you use?

Did you do any post-processing work on them?

Anyway, very nicely done.


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Wildlife shots

Hi Ronen

These were all taken with a zoom on a small sensor camera.

All except the cardinal, were taken at McKenzie Marsh (St. John's Sideroad, east of Yonge St.). The boardwalk there has a nice wide top rail which allows one to hunker-down and steady one's camera .. eliminating the need for a tripod.

I was using ISO 800 and processed through the old Photoshop Elements 11 .. adjusting exposure levels and reducing any fine noise. Processing them in the program's regular editor, I selected their large expanses of blurred background and eliminated traces of noise.

Incidentally, there was some serious cropping in the case of the two recent vertical images, as they were taken as horizontals. Doing so made the images' fine noise all the more visible .. necessitating its intentional reduction.