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The latest photos are from my trip to Oregon this September.

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Excellent Photographs Linda

Hi Linda,

Your images are really very good.  I love the way you used shallow depth of field in the flower shot and I really like the snail shot as well.  Whereabouts was the shot of the snail taken?

Anyway, excellent work and I'm really happy that you're feeling more comfortable posting images and navigating the site.


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Snail shot

Thanks for your comments.  The snail shot was actually taken last year in Sheppard's Bush near Vandorf Side Rd. 

I have a brand new  Nikon 55-300 and have been having lots of fun getting familiar with it.   It sure does open up lots of doors.



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300mm and flowers


Yes 300mm  is a good # for a I belive You have crop factor body for the gathering of Bokeh images and that is a very nice image Linda of those tulips I think that is what they are, if they were open there would not be a doubt but there is an air of uncertainty in making that call outright, You are getting along with Your camera very well and it shows.




That’s amazing the sense of deep in the airport sculpture, I saw it many times from the front but the perspective from side is new for me.

You really look it with different and photo eyes


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Hello Linda

Another Great Critter image Posted once again. Very Nice and nicely composed

Thank You


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Great Cat Photo

Hi Linda,

That's a great photo of the cat.  As Rick mentioned the image is perfectly composed, nicely following the rule of thirds and the blue color of the cat's eyes really makes the image pop.

But what I especially like about the image is the fact that the cat is captivated by something outside the frame.  It gives the image some tension and makes the viewer wonder what the cat is looking at.  It forces the viewer to fill in the blanks and so makes the image dynamic.  RG

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Germany & Austria Trip

Hi Linda,

I really like your Germany and Austria submissions.  If the images are any indications you must have had a great time, especially when it comes to photographic opportunities.  The landscape, the people, the towns are all a photographer's dream.

I like the cows in pasture image.  It looks like you were really close, or did you use a zoom?  I really like the visual connection between the three cows and the fact that the one cow is looking right at you.

I also like the image of the house in the foreground and the majestic mountains in the background.  It just feels so idyllic and peaceful.

Very nicely done.



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Winding road

Love the shot through the gate with the winding road leading your eye to the mountains in the background.  Good job.


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Hi Linda

How are You You have been missing as of Late, well so Have I but  anyway good You are still on the green side.

You have some nice posts there Linda I like the one with the Old Lady crossing the street.




P.S. to Ronen all You have to do is say Hey Moo Cow and they look it works all the time whether they be German or English Cows.

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Great Images



Love the Loon shot. I can never get that close.

The Switzerland landscapes are fantastic.

Great images

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Love the Dog Image in Mid Air

Hi Linda,

I really love the image of the dog running on the beach.  It is so full of joy and you captured it perfectly with the dog in mid air.  I have a feeling you had to be really quick with the shutter for that image.

Very nicely done!


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Dog in mid air

It was one of those lucky shots. I just happened to have the camera on the right settings.

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Nice Ornaments!!!

I was at Eugenia Falls this Year to nice thank You for Sharing!



I have Enjoyed them all!


Two thumps up Linda.  You have a beautiful Oregon photos.