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Beta Lightroom

Hello Doug

I have to tried this new version of Lightroom and was wondering what  You have found usefull or compelling  enough to pay Adobe money for it?

I have not asertained anything that could not be done within the new version that could not be done already other than the seperation of the black and white perhaps makes it a bit more sesitive to the shades of gray that are possible.

Do We see the difference because the examples say there is or is there real change?

Your opinion Please Doug!




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Hey Rick,

Hey Rick,

They haven't got my $ yet :)

The things that really stand out I found useful are tihngs like

- I edit some photos in 3 and then again immediately in 4 and I am finding the results better in 4. My Owl shot was blown out and I found Lightroom 4 did a great job saving me.

- Clarity has been greatly improved no longer causing the ghosting effect.

- I like the idea of localized noise reduction via an adjustment brush so that you don't have to apply it to the entire photo. This is handy when you lighten up those shadows and want to clean up noise in those sepcific areas only.

- The single click chromatic abberation fix is nice as well.

- If I was big into Video this would be a must. Still not there so maybe in the future.

I'm going to wait for Adobe to make a good upgrade offer before I move up from 3 since it already does everything I need.

Check out those videos. They really highlight the changes well.

See Single Image HDR in Lightroom 4




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More Lightroom talk.

Hello Doug

Funny thing the built in spell check in the subject field wants to correct how Lightroom is put together, as well as our manner of  spelling colour anyway a tad off topic.

Thanks for Your insight on Lightroom it will be useful, Adobe's methods are Brilliant with the introduction of Lightroom with it in fact being a slowmotion leap into photoshop as teaser if You will.

That book module looks interesting till the sticker price per unit shows but it is still  reasonable given that it is priced as a one off  it looks like a real book  and it can be saved as a pdf file so You can print it out or proof read it before sending it to Blurb.  I can see Myself perhaps taking Them up on this once this year. have not seem anything on a price per 2 or 3 or more!

Thanks Doug



P.S. Yes the link to the videos on were interesting watched them all well not all of them but most of them.

Here is a youtube link to Adobe's take on the book module