Light Zone - not for me

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I got home from the meeting, registered with Light Zone and downloaded the software. It definitely had its own way about it, but I stuck with it and tried to wrap my head around it. I was making a bit of progress, when I noticed that odd pixels on my screen were becoming randomly mis-coloured. The effect appeared to be directly related to my actions in the program. It was probably either too much demand being placed on my graphics card or sloppy programming in the program. Regardless, I opted to de-install the software. Afterward, I rebooted and all is now fine.

For now I'll stick with Adobe Elements 11 and simply considered moving over to Adobe Lightroom. I think I'd rather stick with the proven Adobe products than get involved with possible compatibility or hardware interactions. I'm definitely looking forward to next month's Lightroom 'workshop'.

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Hi Barry,

Hi Barry,

Thanks for your input on this.  It's interesting that the application seemed to impact your computer in this way.  It would be interesting to see if anyone else experiences similar issues.

Having done quite a bit of reading on the program prior to showing it to the club, there were lots of really positive reviews but in general the consensus seemed to be that Lightroom is a better option if one can afford it.  LightZone was always presented as a great free alternative, but not necessarily the best application for image management.  It seems that Adobe has the market cornered on that.