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New pictures from the trip to Reptilla zoo.


Pictures I took in Boston during my short visit.


Some of the pictures  I took during my recent trip to Mexico. 

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Thank you Doug, I am trying

Thank you Doug, I am trying to choose some to post. I think after three weeks of vacation I just have too many pictures. )


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I know the feeling. If you look at my Bahamas gallery I started with 1600 images down to 500 selects and eventually around 100 favorites. I have to choose my shots before I click :)

Congrats on you Marriage.

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Thank you very much.I am

Thank you very much.I am still in process of choosing my favorites, plus I got the Lightroom and trying to figure it out, to see how my pictures can be improved, so it takes a while to post.;)

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Great Mexico Images Anna

Hi Anna,

I really like the new images you posted of Mexico.

The image of the wooden walkway is great, although I don't understand what the stuff is on the ground that looks like snow.  Is it sand?

The street at night is also very nice.  It looks as if the street is damp (the cars are reflected) but that doesn't seem possible since the sky looks absolutely clear.

Finally, I also really like the closeup of the wooden doors, especially the wonderful texture.  I think the image has the potential to be even better by making the lines straighter.


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Thank you Ronen. 

Thank you Ronen. 

Well I think I was a bit confusing, first four pictures I took during my trip to Boston. So the stuff on the wooden walkway is snow not sand;)  Night shot was in Boston as well so the road probably was a bit ice that is why reflection is there.

The close up of the door was taken in Mexico, but I posted before we had a great trip how to make your pictures straight. I will try to fix it, but I am still trying to figure out how to do it in Light room. 


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Hello Anna

Thanks for Sharing those with Us Mexico is a Beautiful place to bad it's press is not better!

What is that encroaching on the boardwalk it looks like snow?



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Thanks Rick. 

Thanks Rick. 

Mexico is beautiful country so its people.) 

As I mentioned already the first four pictures I took during my visit to Boston, so the stuff on the walkway is snow)

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Really nice photos.