June 2 Walkabout

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Hello Anna

    The Dog You posted seems to have been there before perhaps It's Owners have taken lots of pictures of It as well it seems to be saying not more pictures. You have a Pleasant set of images, the Bird on the fence is a perspective I was not thinking of at the time nice!!! as well the view of the bridge You caught that well.

Thank You Anna






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Thank you Rick, I really wasn

Thank you Rick, I really wasn't in the picture mood that last Saturday, so I am really glad at least I got couple of pictures that I really like.



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Hi Anna,

Hi Anna,

I really like the bird image a lot...nicely done.

The dog looks familiar (oh yeah, I have a similar image).  I want you to realize that I wasn't trying to steal your thunder by posting a similar image.  I didn't realize you had this picture when I posted mine.  Anyway, it's a photogenic dog.  :)


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Thank you Ronen)

Thank you Ronen)

Yes the dog does look a lot a like the picture you posted.)