Interesting Places For Outings

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We spoke on Saturday about posting suggestions for interesting places to go for an outing.  This came to me from another camera club I subscribe to.


"Mono Cliffs Provincial Park is located fourteen km northeast of Orangeville, four km east of Mono Centre.  Mono Cliffs is a Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve and contains outliers (columns of rock), crevice caves, upland limestone plain and talus slopes and is also known for a rich diversity of ferns. 
With two exceptional lookouts from the escarpment, beautiful birch tree lined trails, and tranquil McCarstons Lake, Mono Cliffs is a beautiful destination for outdoor photography.  The Bruce Trail runs through the park and side trails include the Lookout trail with sweeping vistas as far as the CN tower on a clear day and the McCarstons Lake trail which had a new beaver dam as of last year."
Other places to consider are the Kortright Centre (in Kleinburg), Algonquin Park, The Wye Marsh (in Midland - especially in winter).  Some of these may require an entrance fee.
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I would love to get some images of those old abandoned cars/trucks that you talked about at the outing.  I wonder if we could get the owner of the property to let us come in with our cameras.

Those photos of the McKenzie Marsh on Flickr are excellent!


Joker's Hill

There may have been a rusted out car in there, but that was 15 years ago...

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Jokers Hill

Hello Rhodri and David


First Rhodri I have drove past Jokers Hill and thought more than once what goes on in there some secret DNA factory or perhaps a modern day Frankenstein Laboratory but hiking trails for the Public was honestly not something that had occurred to me in the least, And David is that rusted out car You speak to not in the private side to the left side of Kennedy north of Davis DR. at the Bendor And Graves tract it is an old chev from the sixties I have pictures of what I speak to I will look for them.



Rusted Car


15 years does a lot to the memory, but I think it was a little northeast of the entrance on Mullock,west of Bathurst. It may well have been on private property!



we could take a ton of pictures at the boardwalk.

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Other Camera Club

I don't go to the other camera club any more but I am still on their mailing list so will forward stuff that may be interesting.

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York Forest

There are 18 different tracts to the York Forest providing deep forest, ponds, open meadow, swamps, Hill climbing, walking an old rail bed the Simcoe Junction Railway I have spent many Years visiting many of them and the most recent is the Hall tract one I had not been to till recently and it is very nice in its heart, I had not visited some till recently as I had Dogs and well it was just easier to go were one was less likely to run into People, the North tract is the jewel in the crown of them all as it is bounded By Vivian Mcowan Davis and Hyway 48 and it is at 322 Hectares and at that size one can get lost for a few hours and start to feel as if they are somewere far away but in fact only just out of town twenty minutes or so.



Mono Cliffs will be nice in

Mono Cliffs will be nice in the fall with the colours. Somewhere local like the Vivian forest is very appealing right now. 

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Shoot destinations !

The Toronto Zoo has lots of nature trails as well as the animals....

Fork of the Credit River has a nice water fall and trails .

Cemeteries can also be interesting, there is one on lake Simcoe near the Briars , in itself a good spot as well.

The Toronto Island airport has good city skype views.


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Thank you for reminding me of these, are they  near Belfountain ? I am not sure were they areexactly  but was there a decade or so ago....

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It is in Caledon - just keep going West on King Rd.  It is close to the Fork Of The Credit Provincial Park so could probably do both at same time,  It is about an hour away.

Interesting Places

With this month's photo challenge being street photography I plan to make a trip downtown next Saturday.  If anyone else is interested let me know and we can talk about where and when:


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A Bunch of Places to Consider

I found a website with a whole list of places we might consider for outings.  I've pasted the list here just in case the site disappears one day, but here's the link to the original site if you'd like to visit it.

The following list of places are wonderful for photography. However, they’re not free.  A nominal fee is required for special events.

Some other random places to consider…

  • Nathan Phillips Square, particularly at night is a nice place to shoot.
  • The Toronto Labyrinth (tucked away in a cozy alleyway between the Bell building, the Eaton Centre and the Marriott hotel.
  • Queen’s Park
  • Philosopher’s Walk is a nice spot to shoot at night (next to the ROM)
  • the distillery district
  • unionville main st. (markham)
  • Allan Gardens, botanical conservatory in downtown TO
  • Edwards Gardens/Toronto Botanical Gardens, Leslie and Lawrence area
  • Black Creek Pioneer Village -
  • Kariya Park – for engagement photos(free)
  • Kensington Market - Google Maps Link Flickr Group
  • badlands, rouge river (the park around there), terra cotta
  • Harbourfront during the summer festivals – has a great cross section of ppl and culture with events and food and music from all over the world.
  • Chinatown – downtown one (we do have 5) – mostly Spadina between Dundas and College – on the weekends you will see the most interesting lines and textures in the faces. And then you have all the fish and veggies to boot.
  • Riverdale farm
  • Adamson Estate and the surrounding area. and OP, it’s Leslie Street Spit, not Split.
  • Cheltenham badlands in Brampton (…l16badlnd.html) (free)
  • Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton (not sure if that’s part of GTA though).
  • David A. Balfour Park (Just south of Mt. Pleasant cemetary)
  • Sunnybrook Park.…,0.077162&z=1