Hillary House Art at the Manor Exhibition Opening May 10, 2014

Ronen Grunberg's picture

Hi Everyone,

The grand opening of the Hillary House Art at the Manor Exhibition will be this Saturday May 10th.  This exhibition is a collaboration between the APL Camera Club and Hillary House.  The exhibition will consist of photographs created by APL Camera Club members which creatively interpret Hillary House.  The following people were involved in this initiative:

  • William Varela
  • Rick Armstrong
  • Rhodri Ford
  • Rafael Payan
  • Ian Beck
  • Holly Thomas
  • Doug Underwood
  • Claire D'Aurore
  • Angela Durante Dukat
  • Ronen Grunberg

Here's the official poster for the two official Hillary House exhibitions opening this Saturday:  Art at the Manor 2014 and Highlights from the Hillary House Archives...

All members are encouraged to drop by on Saturday to have a look.

Hoping to see you there.