High Park & Roncesvalles

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Hi Rhodri

It is like You went to a Different Planet from Were all the rest of Us went, Good Show Rhodri, that statue reminds Me of a Toad a square Toad but a Toad just the same, as well it seems there is a bit of Easter Island instilled in it to.

There seems to be a bit to the upkeep of this place a bit of a Central Park north it seems.

I am Pleased That You were along for the Walkabout Rhodri Your Knowledge of the World  First Hand is Good for the Ears.

Thank you Rhodri !!!




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Great Images

I agree with Rick's comment.  It looks as though you visited a different place.  It really is a beautiful flower garden.  I particularly like the image with the red, orange & green leaves.  I like the way you came in close to create a pattern.  Very effective and the colors really pop.

I also like the B & W treatment of the Tattooed Man.  He was a great subject.