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Love the heron shots. 

The one of the nest building is a great behavior capture.

The Sunset and a Heron is fantastic. There is something going on with white pixels in and around the heron. Sky and light are amazing.


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Pixel issues

Looking back at it I suspect it is in a color range outside of SRBG. A simple conversion to SRGB might fix the problem.

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Hi Gord,

Hi Gord,

Lovely images...

Like Doug, I really like the Sunset and a Heron image.  The composition is great and the sunlight coming through the clouds is extremely pleasing.  I also really like the fact that the Heron is in silhouette.

It's too bad that the image has some dead pixels.  Is there any way for you to upload an image without the pixel issue?  Would love to see the image in its full glory.